Happy Gourmandising

The Black Duck Gourmet Pantry will handsomely repay a visit by those interested in local Albany and Great Southern food products.

Located near the centre of town, the Black Duck has a huge range of all sorts of gourmet goodies.

Happy gourmandising!


Penny Benson
The Museum of the Great Southern

Refurbished in July 2010, the refitted museum overlooks picturesque Princess Royal Harbour, on the site of first European settlement in Western Australia.

The Museum of the Great Southern provides exhibitions, public programs, educational programs and information on the unique natural and social history of the region.

The Museum shares the stories of the Menang Noongar people and the influence of Mokare, a young Noongar warrior, as well as the stories of the early settlers and convicts, and also explores the region's unique natural landscape, flora and fauna.

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Penny Benson
Eclipse Island Optic

About one minute's walk from the apartments, The Museum of the Great Southern has a fantastic display of the Eclipse Island Optic.

This light was built in Birmingham, England by Chance Brothers & Co. in 1922 - 23 and installed on the Eclipse Islands in 1926. The light source is fpelled by vaporised kerosene and air, operating at 125 lb psi pressure and burning an incandescent mantle which produces approximately 2,500 candlepower. When this light is reflected through the three main lenses commonly called the Bulleyes, it produces 1,000,000 candlepower. 

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Penny Benson
Field of Light: Avenue of Honour
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An immersive art installation by Bruce Munro, Field of Light : Avenue of Honour will pay homage to the Anzacs with 16,000 shining spheres at Mt Clarence marking the last sight of home for 41,000 troops who departed from Albany for the Great War.

Thousands of glass spheres on slender stems planted along the avenue at Albany Heritage Park by local volunteers, illuminating the tree-lined path with an artwork blooming at night like wildflowers after rain.          

OCTOBER 2018­­—APRIL 2019


Penny Benson